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Dave Maton

TLT recognize the experience that applicants can bring from previous careers.
David Maton

Associate, Employment


About Dave

Law is a second career for me. Previously, I worked for 10 years in local government, in roles including web design, providing advice to parents on the education system and advising schools on change management.

TLT recognise the experience that applicants can bring from previous careers, different disciplines, and through travelling. I actually did the Graduate Diploma in Law eleven years after completing my first degree. I relocated from London and was fortunate enough to get a training contract with TLT who paid my fees and a maintenance allowance.

The contract as a whole gave me an excellent broad base by experiencing a range of seats and clients. I had very good supervisors in every seat – and was able to learn from them. 

I'm now qualified, and I'm still learning every day. Over the next few years I'll continue to develop my legal knowledge and my technical skills, delivering an increasingly broad range of advice to clients.