Conversation between colleagues

Being a team player!

I'm sure that everybody reading this will know that a very important attribute of a trainee solicitor is being a team player. As a trainee you will be a team member in each of your seats and of course, the firm as a whole. It is vitally important to support all members of your team and in return be supported by others. Bouncing ideas off each other and using each other's knowledge not only improves your personal development and knowledge but also makes for a more efficient client service.

All this being said, team work is not the main subject of this blog.

Whilst I am a team player in the office on a weekday I extend my legal life in to a more social form at the weekend as a team player for the Law Society Rugby Club. The club not only provides me with great rugby, friends, socials, world travel and international match tickets but it is a great opportunity for me to network with other professionals

I joined the club prior to the LPC and securing a training contract. My first port of call when I moved down to London to start the LPC was to join a rugby club as I've always felt sports clubs are a great way to build up a network of friends and contacts. I came across the Law Society RFC and have never looked back.

The club has 3 teams that play in the Surrey leagues. We play against a variety of clubs ranging from old boys clubs formed from school alumni to other professional network clubs such London Media. It is a great chance to get some exercise at the weekends and relieve any weekday tensions.

Along with a busy game schedule we also have a healthy social calendar. Amongst other events we:

  • Host the Law Society Sevens competition every September;
  • Have a formal black tie Christmas Dinner held at the Law Society on Chancery Lane;
  • Play against the French Law Society every year (home and away on alternate years);
  • Tour to places like America, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Romania and Brazil;
  • Will be hosting the Lawyers Rugby World Cup in 2015.

As mentioned above, one of the best benefits of joining the team is the networking opportunities. I have met people from a wide variety of professions and this has no doubt helped me in my career so far and will hopefully continue to help me throughout my career.

Whilst there are many ways to network I have found that getting involved in sports teams is a particularly good way. I would advise any potential trainee to try and network as much as possible. It is not only a vital skill for any career but speaking to and taking advice from the right people may help you when applying for training contracts.

TLT understands the benefit that sports can bring to individuals and the business. Employees are encouraged to play in a variety of sports teams already in place and set up teams if possible. We also try to organise sporting events with clients where possible which is something I have enjoyed taking part in.


(Oliver joined us as a trainee in September 2013. He studied Law at the University of East Anglia)