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Running gave me belief in myself

Running has never come easily to me. At school, I was the girl who couldn’t run the 1500 metres without stopping and did anything to get out of cross country.

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At uni, I discovered running was a good and relatively cheap way to keep fit (although with the amount of money I now spend on running shoes and funky running leggings, I’m no longer so sure about the “cheap” bit!), but it has only been in the last few years that running has really become firmly engrained as an essential part of my weekly routine.

Not being what I would call a “natural” runner, I had to work hard to get to a point where running was something that I enjoyed and was actually quite good at.

To do that, I set myself goals which at one point seemed impossible and put in the training to achieve them, right from my first 5k, to my first sub-2 hour half marathon, to my first marathon (which I’m currently in training for!).

Being a trainee solicitor is a steep learning curve and having a mindset that allows you to approach challenges in a positive way can be extremely helpful. Running gave me that belief in myself and my ability to achieve my goals.

Running has also taught me a lot about self-motivation which is another key attribute when entering the world of the training contract for the first time.

As an added bonus, running is also an amazing way to clear your head at the end of a day at work and I find I do a lot of my best thinking when I’m running.

I’ve often struggled for most of the day with a question, only to find the answer magically appear in my head a couple of miles into my post-work run!