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Time to spare before your training contract?

A two year holiday sounds fantastic - the reality is you need to plan your time before the real work starts!

Most training contracts are offered two years in advance of your actual start date at TLT, which means you will need to start planning how to get the most out of the next 24 months. Two years seems forever, but I can assure you it's not and time will fly by!

Some of you will receive your training contract offers whilst you are at university, and so, the two years will undoubtedly involve studying for your degree, GDL and/or LPC. For those of you that have completed your legal studies, you will need to decide whether you would like to start / continue work, gain some commercial or legal experience or go travelling and enjoy the world wonders.

Whatever you choose to do, you should bear in mind:

Legal Studies

Whether it is the GDL, LPC or even a Masters degree, you should ensure that you complete your studies as best as you can. Don't forget, the training contract offer will be conditional on you passing your legal courses, so don't drop the ball!

Commercial / legal experience

Whilst you have secured your training contract, it would be useful to gain some experience in the 'real world'. This could be pro bono work, a graduate scheme, paralegal or legal assistant role or general commercial experience. For example, current trainees have previously worked for other law firms, the Financial Ombudsman, a recruitment company and a property management company. Remember, all experience can be relevant in your role as a trainee at TLT as you will pick up several transferable skills.


Although you will receive 25 days holiday a year with TLT, the time off is not sufficient to go backpacking for longer periods of time! If you have an eager desire to explore the world, this is the time to do it. Plus, I'm sure you will have rather interesting tales to tell when you join us!


If you are moving cities to work with TLT, you will need time to find somewhere to live and pay start up costs such as deposits, rent/mortgage, transport costs, new furniture etc. My relocation costs soared when I moved to London, but luckily I had worked and saved some money before starting my training contract - so always plan beforehand!

Time Out

After all the years of study, work and applications, you have got a training contract - well done! Make sure you take some time out to relax and celebrate.

No doubt everyone's route into TLT will differ - mine was not conventional at all. I completed my law degree at the peak of the recession and decided to work for Birmingham Midshires to gain some commercial and legal experience within their mortgage operations department. It was here that I gained exposure to TLT as a legal services provider and started working with the firm on contentious matters. This sparked my interest in banking and litigation work and so I funded the LPC and on completion was offered a job with TLT in Bristol to join the Banking and Lender Services sector.

I applied for a training contract with TLT and was offered a position in the London office, to start in 18 months. After much deliberation, I decided to go travelling and so I moved in with my parents and started work as a paralegal within the Corporate Banking department for a top 50 law firm. I gained some invaluable experience for 9 months, saved money and went travelling around South East Asia for two months. With three weeks to spare till I started my training contract, I had to secure accommodation in London and get moving….it all worked out..eventually!


Neetu joined us as a Trainee in our London office in March 2013, having studied Law at the University of Leicester and the LPC at the College of Law in Birmingham.