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Three highlights from my vacation scheme with TLT

1. A first impression that lasts

I was impressed by TLT from the start, and they’ve been consistent all the way through. From my initial research, they stood out to me as fresh, new, exciting, not stuffy at all. This was reinforced when I attended my university law fair, because I talked to the trainees who were enthusiastic and honest about their experiences.

I don’t think you can gain a true sense of a law firm until you do their vacation scheme. TLT delivered exactly what they said they would. The application process was straightforward, and they made their expectations clear.

When I started the vacation scheme, I was surprised by how much TLT trusted me. I was given quite a lot of responsibility. In a normal day I could be doing all sorts, from calling barristers and courts to drafting important documents. I really enjoyed going to the courtroom to watch a cross management hearing too, as it brought me a different perspective I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

If I had to sum it up? The vacation scheme was hard work, but in a really enjoyable way. I welcomed the challenges and the week helped me to realise that I definitely wanted to build my career with TLT.

2. A social and supportive environment

TLT values their people and encourages a friendly, supportive environment. My supervisor was really helpful, and there were lots of people I could talk to so I never felt like I was pestering one person. It was a cohesive team that wanted to help everyone develop and improve.

There were a lot of occasions to network and get exposure across the firm. I had a chat with my department partner a few times, and I went for dinner with people across the office, including trainees, HR and associates.

I also went for drinks with the trainees, where I could pick their brains in a relaxed environment. I gained some insight into the training contract, and got some advice – after all, it wasn’t long ago that they were in my position. Attending TLT’s Summer Party was good too because the whole firm attended, making it a lovely way to finish the week.

3. A perfect match for future growth

The vacation scheme was the best way to find out that my ambitions and values match with TLT. I gained a good perspective of life as a trainee solicitor with them, and I finished with the feeling that I really know the firm. I can see myself growing my career with TLT for a long time.

I was really happy that we had the training contract interview at the end of the vacation scheme. Having the opportunity to get my training contract application sorted so early on was great, because it meant I didn’t have to go through the whole process again later. This way it’s much simpler, very straightforward, and quite a relief to get the application completed as soon as possible.

I’m lucky to be starting my training contract with TLT in March 2017. They suggested I start a few months later so that I could go travelling – an unexpected offer, but proof of how accommodating they are when you’re a good match. I didn’t hesitate to accept their offer because I felt that I’m not just there to fill a gap, but that I’ll be helping to grow the firm for the future.

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