Trainees meeting

Assessment Day

If your written application demonstrates the talent we require, we'll invite you to take an online verbal reasoning test. (You can find example tests at

If you’re successful, we’ll invite you to attend an assessment day. This comprises: 

  • A strength-based interview conducted by a partner and a member of the management team. This type of interview is designed to determine your natural strengths and weaknesses – what drives you and what you find challenging. This helps us to identify people with the best potential to succeed. You can read more about strength-based interviews here.
  • A presentation to two assessors. Here, we’re looking for evidence of commercial awareness and strong research skills. 
  • A written test to explore your business and common sense and examine how you structure a written argument and present your findings.
  • A group exercise in which we want to see how well you can communicate, interact and solve problems as part of a team.

The day is definitely a two-way process – yes, it’s designed to challenge you and give us a good idea of your potential but it also offers plenty of opportunity to determine whether TLT is right for you. 

Details for 2017 assessment days will be published here. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news.