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Vacation Schemes

The TLT Vacation Scheme is your chance to impress us; we hope you’ll be impressed with TLT too.

We run schemes every Easter and summer for either second-year law students or final-year students, graduates and mature candidates, whether they’ve studied law or a different degree.

We’ll allocate you to a specific team for the week with real work, lots of interaction with senior TLT members and regular client contact. You’ll have the opportunity to socialise with our current trainees who fully understand the challenges you'll face – make sure you pick their brains for advice. You will also meet with Partners over breakfast seminars, information meetings and a more relaxed dinner: this will cement your experience and help you fully grasp what it means to work for TLT.

The Vacation Scheme Assessment includes:

  • A strength-based interview conducted by a partner and a member of the management team. This type of interview is designed to determine your natural strengths and weaknesses – what drives you and what you find challenging. This helps us to identify people with the best potential to succeed. You can read more about strength-based interviews here.

Half day assessment centres for our vacation schemes will run throughout February and March. 

TLT vacation scheme 2019 dates

Easter scheme

  • Manchester: Week commencing 8 April
  • Bristol: Week commencing 8 April

Summer scheme

  • Bristol week 1: Week commencing 17 June
  • Bristol week 2: Week commencing 24 June

  • London: Week commencing 1 July
  • Manchester: Week commencing 8 July